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Boost user engagement on your BuddyPress site with a chat plugin like no other. If you are looking for a chat solution for your community, BPChat offers you a range of exciting features such as:

Facebook-style chat for all logged in users
Seamless BuddyPress integration
Easy to customize with unlimited colors, backgrounds and images among others
Sound alert system
Browser title notifications
Support for multiple languages
Online/offline indicator
80 smiley icons
Multi-user chat
Friend search
Responsive design and Ajax support
And much more
The plugin offers you the ability to provide a fulfilling chatting experience to your users. The best part is the plugin is compatible with BuddyPress, WordPress and WordPress MU, meaning you can use it on just about every WordPress project. In short, you have to try BPChat to get the thrill.

Give your users a better user experience and increase engagement on your site with BPChat. It sells at $35 bucks only.

7. BuddyPress Default Data Free WordPress Plugin
BuddyPress Default Data Free WordPress Plugin
If you just started using BuddyPress, you will want to test your platform at some point before launch. The BuddyPress Default Data plugin allows you to populate your BuddyPress installation automatically for testing purposes.

BuddyPress Default Data is easy to set up. Just install and activate the plugin, and then access it under “Tools” in your WordPress admin screen. Once the plugin launches, all you need to do is tick two checkboxes and click “Import selected data”. It is that easy. Your installation will be populated instantly with 25 users and 75 activity items, which are actually quoted from famous personalities.

That’s not all. The plugin imports more data such as 100 private messages, 45 new groups, 440+ group members, 95+ friend connections and 225 profile entries among others.

All users have the same password that is revealed to you, so do not worry about that. Moreover, you can clear the dummy data at once by clicking the Clear BuddyPress Data button.

BuddyPress Default Data is awesome for testing purposes, but don’t use it on a live site. Additionally, turn off email notifications on your profile or you will spam yourself.

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